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APS SEEDS  started its activities in 2014 by obtaining the seedsmaking establishment certificate authorized within the framework of the Potato Seed Certification and marketing regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture and forestry.

Since its establishment, it has produced seeds to unions, cooperatives, companies and producers and brought our farmers together with quality seeds. Besides these, it creates added value to the country's economy by selling seeds abroad.

APS produces certified potato seeds and edible potatoes according to the demands and needs of our producers. Potato seed production has been done in alternative new regions where potato production has not been done before.

Our production activities are kept under constant control by our company experts throughout the season and production of seeds from diseases is provided. Our company continues its production activities in Sivas, Adana, Antalya, Aksaray and Kayseri provinces.

Seeds produced from diseases are brought to natural cold storage stores in Nevşehir for proper dormancy process and are offered for sale after Longitude and packaging.
APS - Agro Potato Seed